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April 12, 2012
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August 5, 2011
The Land Mines of Mobility: What my kid taught me about $1 trillion worth of m-stuff - FierceCIO

by Richard Siber

So I'm enjoying a relaxing summertime meal with my son when, suddenly, he slices his finger.  Like any parent, I went into crisis-management mode.  I rushed him to the ER to have the situation taken care of. And as I waited for the various specialists to evaluate and repair the gushing digit (thankfully no serious, long-term damage) I had time to ponder the wireless quotient of my surroundings.  I was in one of the world's preeminent medical centers, but there was no trace of the smart health technologies that, since the late 90s, have been "poised" to revolutionize modern medicine.  What had gone wrong?

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Highlights from Richard Siber, Siber Consulting, presentation Abbreviated Dialing Codes - Keeping it Simple